Sensing Costs: Preventing Water Damage with Smart …

January 12, 2021

Water is uniquely destructive in homes in that the damage it causes can be wild and sudden, or silent but equally catastrophic. Flooding and leaks can deteriorate conditions in a home, causing structural integrity issues, bringing unsightly ruin to finishes, and worst of all hazardous health conditions from mold and rot. Aside from needed repairs, insurance and medical losses from moisture damage can be countervail years of investment return.Fort…Read More

Smart Devices for Smart Living: New Technology in …

December 21, 2020

Drones, social media, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are shattering the way industries conduct their business; real estate is no exception. The traditional inefficient design and wasteful consumption of energy and water are being phased-out with innovative implementations of AI and machine learning. The Real estate sector has been slow to adapt to 21st century tech. Proprietary technologies are closing the gap with “smart&rdqu…Read More

Turning Your Home Into a Fortress with Gadgetry

November 30, 2020

The Internet of Things has changed the way the real estate sector manages its investments, and residents live out their day. Self-brewing coffee and leak-detecting pipe sensors are often showcased in the stylish gadgetry of smart devices, but home security is an equally impacted component of any residence.Smart devices are already commercially available for residential protection. Electric roll shutters are outfitted with sensors and solenoids to…Read More

Understanding the Internet of Things

September 28, 2020

Though the “Internet of Things” is complex in its use of code and engineering, understanding the core concept isn’t terribly difficult: through a network of devices, the various systems allow for remote adjustments of lights and appliances, as well as behavioral monitoring to ensure peak efficiency.Machine learning is a term which may revivea sense of 2000s sci-fi dystopia, but it essentially means a program will collect re…Read More

Communities Going Virtual in Modern Times

September 16, 2020

Now more than ever, communities need their websites to provide a resident portal as well as an attractive virtual presence. Whether at home or long distance, residents need access to news, documents, and amenities and they need the ability to communicate virtually with the management and board.ConnectLuxe is a virtual concierge system for communities, accessible with your phone, tablet, or desktop. ConnectLuxe enables communities to go virtual wh…Read More

ConnectLuxe Helps Communities Comply with Florida …

June 26, 2018

Florida – June 26, 2018 – ConnectLuxe™, a virtual community website system, helps communities comply with the new Florida CS/CS/HB 1237 law approved by Florida Governor Rick Scott on June 26, 2017. Subsequently, The Florida Legislature amended the bill to state that communities must be compliant to this law by January 1, 2018. The community law states that a condominium association with 150 or more units, which does no…Read More

ConnectLuxe Welcomes A Spa Community using Deluxe …

May 17, 2017

ConnectLuxe™ is working with a luxury community offering residents deluxe concierge tools. In addition, residents and the public can access spa services including body treatments, facials and massage therapy. Registered residents can access their documents in our secure online system, reserve amenities and services, book spa and club services, get access to club events and classes, search for business and experts in the business directory…Read More

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