Turning Your Home Into a Fortress with Gadgetry

The Internet of Things has changed the way the real estate sector manages its investments, and residents live out their day. Self-brewing coffee and leak-detecting pipe sensors are often showcased in the stylish gadgetry of smart devices, but home security is an equally impacted component of any residence.

Smart devices are already commercially available for residential protection. Electric roll shutters are outfitted with sensors and solenoids to unfurl in the face of looming hurricanes and skulking intruders. Security lights can be set to detect light or movement to navigate dark pathways and dissuade potential threats, from the convenience of a phone.

And though timer-based lights have been a mainstay for decades, never before has the feature been so adaptable or convenient. The activation settings can be changed remotely at any time, so that a vacationing resident can portray an occupied, well-lit, and less thief-enticing home a world away.

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