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Shield – The Smarter Real Estate Management Solution

With Shield IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, property managers can eliminate stresses associated with keeping track of their property and keeping their investments safe and up-to-date. At the same time, smart sensors and devices open the door to things like proactive and predictive maintenance. With IoT, the property managers of tomorrow will be able to not only get ahead of problems that may occur before becoming too significant but also minimize costs with sensors gathering information to identify property performance trends and make decisions based on real, actionable insights. If you haven’t started to explore the benefits of IoT yet, there are plenty of ways to get started, even if you’re just using smart cameras to monitor the environment outside of your buildings.


Shield Management Benefits to Property Managers

Some of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks of any property manager’s job involves handling issues with maintenance on their rented properties. Tantiv4’s Shield Management system uses data from IoT sensors and manages these unwanted events by effectively reducing and mitigating these issues before they become expensive repairs. Smart building technology from Tantiv4 is poised to change how we manage our real estate by utilizing AI and applying machine learning algorithms on IoT data to learn and detect usage patterns. Property owners can implement Tantiv4’s Shield Automation solution in these homes to send notifications and alerts when an issue is detected (e.g. detecting wiring shorts, plumbing leaks, smoke).

Shield Management allows the property manager to take immediate action and eliminate potential problems before they grow into much bigger and more expensive issues. Tantiv4’s solutions can even send task/job notes directly to the right member of the maintenance staff to resolve an issue quickly and efficiently.


Shield Management Improves User Experience

Shield solutions allow the property manager to track crucial building health information and trends. Property managers can then choose to share this data with their tenants, helping them schedule appointments and accommodating the needs of these tenants.

Security of a building in another very common concern for both building owners and tenants alike; Shield Management offers solutions combining connected cameras and wireless indoor sensors. For instance, a sensor could allow property owners to provide their clients with a set of virtual guard services. Once the resident programs when he or she is going to be out of the house, the sensors will track potential movement around and in the building, immediately alerting the property manager if there is a risk of a break-in. To extend this further with digital IoT devices such as locks, the property manager can help assist by disarming and or opening the locks once the identity has been verified if a tenant forgets their key or phone.

Shield Management solution from Tantiv4 focuses on the safety and peace of mind of the property owner. The practice of predictive maintenance is an advancement of the fourth industrial revolution, offered by Tantiv4.


Shield Automation Solution for Your Truly Smart Home

Tantiv4’s Shield Automation solution gathers data from IoT sensors in a building or property. When coupled with the Shield Management system, this results in the ultimate, most effective solution for property managers.





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