Sensing Costs: Preventing Water Damage with Smart Tech

Water is uniquely destructive in homes in that the damage it causes can be wild and sudden, or silent but equally catastrophic. Flooding and leaks can deteriorate conditions in a home, causing structural integrity issues, bringing unsightly ruin to finishes, and worst of all hazardous health conditions from mold and rot. Aside from needed repairs, insurance and medical losses from moisture damage can be countervail years of investment return.

Fortunately innovations in the technology sector remedy such calamities with preventative measures. With advances in the “Internet of Things,” remote sensors can connect to phones and computers through the internet to safeguard from leaks, pipe bursts, and condensation.

Smart devices can be placed around HVAC condensation pans to detect overflow, removing the potential for often unnoticed damage. Through humidity exposure, sensors placed along pipes in bathrooms and kitchens to reveal costly rusting pipe leakage. Even leaks around toilets and their piping can be mitigated with the use of these detection instruments.

With a small, prudent investment in the IoT, institutions and residents can prevent investments from being written off entirely due to exorbitant water damage liabilities.

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