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ConnectLuxe is a virtual concierge system designed for Homes, Buildings & Communities. ConnectLuxe provides a resident the ability to reserve amenities available, connect with the management, update their contact information, review and download meeting notes, rules & regulations and search for approved experts and businesses within the community. ConnectLuxe creates a simple to use, safe and secure community website, accessible 24/7/365 days from your computer, cell phone or tablet.

ConnectLuxe provides a safe and secure website for communities and features a full dashboard for residents to access community documents, amenities, concierge services, local businesses & experts, events & meetings, and other tools that are customized for each community.

* Sources:
- Cell phone statistics 2024
- Community Associations Institute

Almost all Americans (97%) own a mobile phone. This translates to 330.8 million people in the US. Connected

73.9 million Americans, or roughly 27% of the U.S. population, live in communities. Communities

10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day, or almost 33,000 gallons per year. Homes

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We provide a wide range of services for all levels of property ownership. We strive to prove clientele support by reducing redundancy, automating services, brokering communication between residents and management, and implementing solutions to better benefit a community.
Property Management
Supervision and information at a touch.
Applications for residential life.
IoT Solutions
Internet of Things technology for modern communities.

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Our team is available and provides training and support for launch and ongoing maintenance. Contact us and one of our representatives will respond promptly to help you. Thank you.

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Technology & Monitoring Solutions for Communities

The best leak detection solution designed for condos, hotels, and multi-housing units with auto alerts to email, sms, auto-call and remote automatic shut off for residents and management. The only leak detection solution with a full service property management dashboard showing all devices, sensors and shut off valves. Save on insurance claims and leaks for your community.

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ConnectLuxe allows residents to reserve amenities, order services, view meeting notes, view event and meeting information, create and search classifieds, search for approved experts and businesses, and connect with other residents. We provide a simple to use, safe, and secure community website, accessible 24/7/365 days from your computer, cell phone or tablet. Now, residents can go online to pay bills, access electronic voting, attend virtual meetings, send comments or download documents, lease agreements, or for meeting minutes. ConnectLuxe works with Condo, Apartment, and Homeowners (HOA) communities, as well as property management companies, developers, builders, real estate brokers/agents, assisted living, elder care facilities and with businesses that wish to provide concierge services in their community.
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