Communities Going Virtual in Modern Times

Now more than ever, communities need their websites to provide a resident portal as well as an attractive virtual presence. Whether at home or long distance, residents need access to news, documents, and amenities and they need the ability to communicate virtually with the management and board.

ConnectLuxe is a virtual concierge system for communities, accessible with your phone, tablet, or desktop. ConnectLuxe enables communities to go virtual while reducing costs, and increasing managers and CAMs might not want to talk more with residents, but they want to increase efficiency. instead of effective, increasing efficiency of communications. with residents. The platform provides access to community documents, amenities, services, reservations, meeting and event info, alerts, a business directory of local experts and pros, a resident directory, classifieds, and options for online voting, integrations with Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting for virtual meetings, alerts and e-newsletters and the ability for residents to view and pay fees online. ConnectLuxe enables communities to comply with the new Florida CS/CS/HB 1237 law.

Recognizing the need for greater transparency in the community association industry, the Florida legislature enacted CS/CS/HB 1237 in 2019 requiring community associations to have websites. And now, in the age of Covid-19, having a website to help foster remote communication is even more important. It is a life-safety imperative. Communities need to get on this amazing ride to take advantage of the fantastic solutions already here.

ConnectLuxe was developed after extensive research in how communities work and how residents access information and services within a community. For more information or to register for a community website, contact 888-318-3884 or visit ConnectLuxe™.

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