Understanding the Internet of Things

Though the “Internet of Things” is complex in its use of code and engineering, understanding the core concept isn’t terribly difficult: through a network of devices, the various systems allow for remote adjustments of lights and appliances, as well as behavioral monitoring to ensure peak efficiency.

Machine learning is a term which may revivea sense of 2000s sci-fi dystopia, but it essentially means a program will collect relevant data, and run them through equations to churn out the best solution. For example, a smart refrigerator can detect and collect a range of temperatures over time, and tune the appliance’s thermostat to run more efficiently, diminishing utility expenditure. Rooms can be outfitted with sensors to detect the absence of inhabitants to turn off lighting accordingly. Sensors can also be placed around piping to detect leaks, in turn cutting water supply, mitigating otherwise catastrophic moisture damage.

This area of the technical sector is advancing quickly through proprietary devices, therefore continual updating of associated news and topics is advised. Though the instruments and applicability will vary wildly, their underlying principle is easy to understand: world of IoT makes the things that make your home better, better.

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